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What is Agricultural Machinery?

What is Agricultural Machinery?

Agricultural machinery includes all of the machinery used in the process from the processing of agricultural fields to their collection. There are many types of agricultural implements that tractors pull or operate, from hand-held and electrically powered tools to tractors. There are many equipments and machines used in organic and non-organic agriculture. At the same time, agricultural machinery is also used in applications in the production area of ​​​​farmers and benefits from various hybrid seeds, energy subsidies such as irrigation, fertilization, pesticides.

Agriculture is no longer a small-scale area in the fields of farmers, but has become a sector with very large agricultural machinery in larger areas. With the increase in the rate of consumption in the world, the rate of access to food has also increased, which has triggered the increase in productivity in agriculture.

The farmer who will plant the soil needs to sow, mow and collect in the right season at the right time, with an effective equipment, in order to make a more efficient planting. The farmer needs to produce consistently, progress in a certain schedule, and choose the right agricultural machinery in order to increase productivity.

Agricultural machinery has a wide range according to the operations. Agriculture in all agricultural activities that require many complex operational processes such as primary and secondary tillage, spreading and application of fertilizers, planting and planting, pest control, harvesting, transport, storage, processing, erosion control and irrigation, livestock production on pitchfork or shovel. machines are needed.

Agricultural Machinery Usage Areas and Importance

A correctly chosen agricultural machine helps the farmer to save time, as well as to increase the productivity of the soil and the product. It reduces the cost of agricultural operations and ensures that the most work is carried out in the shortest time. The efficiency obtained from low-speed agricultural machines is more than human power. While these processes are being carried out, they are designed and developed in a way that does not harm the environment. There are agricultural machinery used to perform many tasks such as plowing, fertilizing, seeding and harvesting the soil.

Due to these conveniences provided by agricultural machinery, it will increase production and productivity in every way, and contribute to the country's economy by reducing body strength.

Agricultural Machinery Types


Tractor is one of the indispensable machines in agricultural machinery. Commercial and farmers use tractors to do business individually. Tractors with large wheels can apply many kinds of processes to the soil or product by connecting the necessary materials for production. Tractors are used in the towing and transfer of agricultural machinery that cannot move on its own and cannot provide its own power.


The harrow is an agricultural machine used to till the surface of the soil. The rakes used to carry out deeper sowing operations are often used for plowing in fields for plowing operations. It provides a finer finish to provide a more suitable soil structure for sowing and planting operations. Click here to see the rake models we produce.

Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer spreaders are agricultural machinery used to spread fertilizers equally to each point of the soil. It can be used by connecting to the tractor or pulling it by hand. It is an agricultural machine that facilitates the spreading of fertilizer to each part of the field or land and saves time. Click here to see the fertilizer spreader machine models we produce.


The harvester is a versatile agricultural machine designed to harvest every element of most grain crops without harming the plant. It was given this name because of its harvesting, threshing and tossing it to the desired place.


A plow is an agricultural machine used for planting seeds and preparing the soil for planting. The purpose of plowing is to turn the top of the soil under and bring the remains of fresh minerals and crops to the surface, allowing them to be broken down and added to the soil.

In general, agricultural operations, which were done with animal power in the past, have now become a sector that results in easier, faster and more efficient harvesting thanks to tractors and agricultural machinery added to them. Agricultural machinery is used to save time, expense and the number of workers working with tractors and equipment.