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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

A leveling shovel is a tool that makes it possible to level the soil.

Thanks to the leveling shovel, many operations can be done. Snow shoveling, animal feces cleaning, soil leveling and filling are some of these.

There are many reasons to choose Üçbaşak agricultural leveling shovel. The most prominent of these are the service quality, product quality and model diversity we provide.

What is a Leveling Shovel?

The leveling shovel is one of the important agricultural machines used to level the soil, build roads, level, and open and close canals. In order for the fields to be irrigated evenly, the soil level must be the same. Slopes at certain points may cause water accumulation in that area. Excess water accumulates in hollow areas and the upper areas may become dehydrated, causing the salt content of the soil to increase due to excess water in the hollow area. Additionally, soil may erode in sloping areas. In order to prevent these negative situations, it is of great importance to use a leveling shovel.