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Fodder Mixer Machines

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Fodder mixer is a device used to mix roughage and concentrated feed evenly.

Equal distribution of the ingredients in the feed is very important to ensure that the vitamin and nutritional value is at the highest level. At this point, the importance of the feed mixing machine emerges.

There are many reasons to choose Üçbaşak agricultural fodder mixer. The most prominent of these are the service quality, product quality and model diversity we provide.

Fodder Mixer Machines

The feed mixer is an agricultural machine that takes the workload of farmers to evenly mix normal feeds with different feeds, chemically produced feeds or medicines to be given to the animal. Farmers needed modern farming tools to feed their animals more easily and efficiently. In addition, the feed mixer ensures that the hay and grass bales that come in packages are broken down and mixed equally with corn silage, pulp and bran feed.