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A spraying machine is a machine that sprays chemicals on plants and trees to protect them from various diseases.

Thanks to the spraying machine, you can spray plants and trees in a much healthier way. This minimizes the risk of getting sick and allows you to save time.

There are many reasons to choose Üçbaşak agricultural spraying machine. The most prominent of these are the service quality, product quality and model diversity we provide.

Spraying Machine

A spraying machine is an agricultural machine used to carry out spraying operations in order to get more efficiency from planted plants and to protect agricultural products from harmful external factors. The spraying machine is designed to apply the drugs towards the plants. The spraying machine can usually be transported by tractor or other vehicles. It is produced in many different models with different types and functions. Among these models, there are many different types such as backpack spraying machine, tractor-mounted spraying machine, spreader spraying machine, tree spraying machine. Each type has different characteristics depending on the area in which it is used and its purposes. When used, pesticides are applied to the area to be sprayed by spraying, dripping or brush methods. This allows drugs to be administered more effectively.