Agriculture Machines Producer

Customer Happiness

Turkey's leading agricultural machinery manufacturer as a customer requests an open, transparent, fast, reassuring and customer-oriented manner, we undertake to solve.
Our customers have the opportunity to convey their questions, requests and complaints to our company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We always handle customer requests with the understanding of providing quality service.

In case we receive complaints from our customers, we examine each complaint carefully and carefully and provide a quick solution as a result of this examination.

We evaluate incoming notifications to ensure proactive improvements in business processes, products and services.
We proceed by taking into account the notifications of the employees, we provide environments where they can express themselves and improve themselves continuously by supporting their participation, sharing and creativity.
Based on the fact that the protection of personal information is extremely important with Üç Başak company policies, we take care to protect customer rights under all conditions.