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What is Tractor Rear Loader? What is Tractor Rear Loader?

The Tractor Rear Loader is the name given to the design with a large front-mounted bucket attached to the ends of the two arms to collect loose materials on the ground such as soil, sand or gravel, especially beets, bales.

With the rear loader, it is possible to move the material from one place to another without pushing it to the ground. A loader is commonly used to move a stacked material above ground level and drop it into a waiting dump truck or open trench.

Tractor rear loaders offered by Üçbaşak Tarım are a popular addition to double-wheel drive tractors between 20 and 200 HP. They have become popular recently due to their current 'plug-in' form. Tractor loaders have been developed to perform a wide range of farming tasks and are popular due to their relatively low cost (compared to the telehandler) and versatility. Tractor front loaders can be equipped with many attachments for farm activities such as work bucket, earth bucket, beet bucket with elevator.

Üçbaşak production tractor rear loaders are mounted to the tractor via a removable coupling part. The rear loader bucket can also be expanded with many interchangeable attachments. The main components found in a tractor rear loader are generally hydraulic components (such as pumps and valves). The tractor's engine drives both the hydraulics and the transmission, and the bucket arms and bucket are moved. In this way, the desired material is moved or loaded from one place to another.