Agriculture Machines Producer

Folding Type Tractor Rear Loader


Product Code UB-HK-150-A
Bucket Width (cm) 150
Work Height (cm) 350
Work Capacity (kg) 400
Weight (kg) 450

What is an Assistant Bucket?

Farmers can easily perform many challenging tasks in the production and harvest processes by attaching an assistant bucket to their tractors. The assistant bucket ensures that farmers achieve high efficiency and save time. It can be used in various sectors such as construction, agriculture, and livestock.

Benefits of the Assistant Bucket

Reduces time loss in various processes such as soil excavation and loading. The decrease in human labor leads to a reduction in the rate of work accidents, enhancing job safety. Occupies less space compared to other rear loaders behind tractors. Does not obstruct the field of vision since it is not an overly large bucket. Provides easy maneuverability in narrow spaces. Minimizes costs by allowing the assistant bucket to perform tasks that would require multiple workers alone.

How Should Assistant Bucket Maintenance Be Done?

You should ensure that the bucket section is lowered to the ground just before starting all maintenance work. The bucket part that is not lowered to the ground always poses a danger. At the same time, the ground on which the tractor is located must also be flat. After wearing your protective equipment, you should begin the maintenance and cleaning process. Be careful not to keep any living creatures nearby. You should be careful not to damage the hoses when disassembling. You can clean the contamination after use yourself, but in cases such as parts replacement, you should definitely get support from your authorized service. Do not forget to check the hydraulic systems, oil level and filters regularly.

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